When working out, it’s important to make sure your body is fuelled and ready to go. There are certain foods you can eat that ensure you with a better workout than others. Balancing your proteins and your carbs makes for the ultimate pre-workout snack.

If you’re looking for a quick energy boost for a power-packed workout, having a few small squares of dark chocolate can provide you with exactly what you need. Just remember: any kind of chocolate is loaded with sugar so don’t go crazy.

Of course if it’s protein you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with a protein mix. They can be found in any local grocery store and are usually mixed with either water or milk. Paired with a complex carb, protein mixes make a great small meal.

On the protein note, a handful of nuts is an excellent way to boost energy and get a great protein kick. Any nuts will do fine- peanuts, almonds, walnuts- you can’t really go wrong. Just be sure you don’t eat too many as nuts are very calorific.

Energy bars are a great resource for a high intensity workout. They generally combine protein with carbs and can give you a quick energy fix. Fruit is an excellent example of a great complex carb to have before a workout because the carbs themselves provide lasting energy while the natural sugars give a quick burst of energy. Bananas have often been considered the best pre workout food.

Yogurt is a great idea to mix with carbs or proteins before a workout. It has enzymes that help to metabolize both and it also contains magnesium which will kick start both a weightlifting or cardio workout.

Trail mix is another great example of how to get a quick energy boost and then maintain that for the entire workout. Try to pick up trail mix with things like nuts, seeds, fruit and maybe a little chocolate. Avoid handfuls of M&Ms. The sugars in the dried fruit and chocolate will spike your sugar while the nuts and seeds will keep you going later on.


Oatmeal is an excellent choice as it’s high in fiber and low in sugars and fats which means the cards will be released slowly, giving you consistent energy throughout your workout. Whole-wheat pasta is a great example of a complex carb. Eating a medium-sized bowl before a workout will give your body plenty of energy to complete it. If you’re looking for the perfect workout food, look no further than lentils. They contain protein, carbs, fiber, are low in fat and calories and will give you a great source of energy during the course of your workout.