Drinking alcohol has become a well-known and often used way to relax and socialize after a hard work. Even with effects such as mental impairment, liver disease and in large quantities alcohol poisoning many people still enjoy relaxing with an alcoholic drink. Along with these and other health issues that can be caused by alcohol it can also have an effect on your diet or muscle building routine by slowing down fat loss.

Empty and Double Calories

Unlike proteins and carbs alcohol is very high in calories that aren’t good for you. These calories lack beneficial nutrients that your metabolism needs. Both wine and beer have a high content of carbohydrates and almost all of these are from fat. Without the nutrients to help the metabolism your body will start storing fats more quickly.


Damaging Stomach, Liver and Kidneys

Due to it being a product of yeast alcohol can irritate the lining of the stomach. This will slow down the digestion of foods, which in turn can throw off your metabolism. The liver and kidneys are the super filters of the human body and work hard to remove toxins. The liver also helps to break down fats that are used to give you energy. When alcohol causes irritation or damage to these organs it throws the entire process out of whack and makes it harder for you to loss fat. Alcohol damage to these organs can also cause a number of health problems that can result in long term illness and even death.

Increases Appetite

Alcohol makes you hungrier. When you have a beer or glass of wine right before a meal it actually makes you want to eat more. This can seriously mess with calorie intake and off set your diet plan. Even with healthy foods high in protein and carbs you still need to limit yourself. This extra bit of food added to the extra calories that come with the alcohol will increase fat instead of help reduce it.

Testosterone Decrease

This adds an extra scary element for many men. Testosterone plays a big part in lean muscle gain. When decreased this gain is lost and lowers the metabolic rate. This is in turn causes fat loss to slow down. Along with encouraging lean muscle gain testosterone also impacts fat reduction. So the lowering of testosterone is a double whammy in the fight on fat.

Weakens Inhibitions

Many people drink alcohol because it helps to relax and unwind. Unfortunately this is one of the most basic reasons it hinders fat loss. After a few drinks most people start to get comfortable and don’t always consider what is going into their bodies. Along with increasing the appetite so that you’re more likely to eat more, alcohol can also cause you to make poor choices on the types of foods and drinks you consume. Along with poor meal choices you may also find yourself drinking a few too many drinks, increasing your calorie intake.

While alcohol is a long held traditional social past time within our modern world it can have disastrous effects on your body. Moderation is always a great rule of thumb when it comes to alcohol, but if you really want to maximize your potential fat loss you should stir clean of it all together.