Crash diets are all a fad. One person will lay claim that they lost all sorts of weight when they were on the diet and, all of a sudden, with a bit of press attention people from all over the country will religiously try the same diet. With these six crazy crash diets, not only is over the top but also verging on being dangerous to their health.

These crash diets, when adhered to over a long period if time, are going to end up causing a person serious health problems due to the lack of vitamins, minerals and necessary proteins that help keep them running strong.

Alcohol Diet

That’s right, there actually was an all alcohol diet. Way back in 1087, William the Conqueror noticed he had put on an excessive amount of weight. After King Phillip stated he looked like he was pregnant, William decided to take matters into his own hands. He decided that food makes you fat, so you need to stop eating, but when you’re hungry, you are going to eat. Thankfully, if you drink, you won’t realise that you are hungry, which means you can lose weight. That was Williams thought process. However, it really didn’t help him in the long run. There are no real health benefits to excessive drinking, and while it did allow him to lose weight in order to climb up onto his horse (the king had made fun of his inability to ride a horse as well), he ultimately fell off the horse due to being intoxicated and died from it.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Throwing Up

This has been a practice that has been around for a while. Bulimics are people who throw up after eating a meal. This way, they can enjoy the food and the time they spend with other individuals, all without having to ingest all of the calories that come with it. However, throwing up after eating has been around since Ancient Rome, which means it is one of the oldest dieting fads out there. Since the body doesn’t actually digest and consume all of the nutrients in the food, it can cause serious health problems.

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows make up one of the great campfire foods. However, an individual named Sylvester Graham came up with a diet that would not only take the fun out of eating food around a campfire, but ensure people stopped having sex. As a string Presbyterian, he wanted to make sure people would eat a bland diet that was free of fats and meats. After all, everyone who eats these items becomes sexually aroused, spreads diseases and causes problems throughout the world. He created something known as the Graham cracker, to be a staple of his diet, which was a bland food item people would eat. However, most individuals failed to follow the diet. Since then, cracker companies have taken the “Graham Cracker” and added sugar and other items into it in order to make it the delicious cracker it is today.


Horace Fletcher created a diet in the early 1900s around chewing every piece of food anywhere from 32 to 80 times before being swallowed, in order to properly mix saliva with the food and prepare it for digestion. This practice became known as “Fletcherizing.” It does not restrict what you eat, outside of not eating fiber, only how long it takes you to eat it. This, actually, does essentially work, if you feel like sitting around, waiting for several minutes before swallowing every bite. It is important to slow down while you eat, but chewing food 80 times does not improve its ability to be digested.


Simple enough, you consume a tapeworm, which in turn eats some of the food in your body. Imagine something along the lines of a Weight Watchers version of “There Was And Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly..“However, this can actually cause serious health problems, so all in all it’s a pretty dumb thing to do.


Sleeping Beauty Diet

You don’t eat while you are sleeping, so this crash diet essentially would put someone into a medically induced coma so they would not consume any sort of food for the length of time. Of course, you can’t really burn off calories during this either, outside of breathing. Plus, who wants to be in a coma or heavily sedated, just to lose a few pounds? Eventually, the human body shuts down due to this and it can cause serious health problems. Elvis Presley attempted this diet and he ended up gaining 10 pounds from it.