No matter where you turn at work or home, there are bound to be some snacks sitting out in the open. These potato chips, sweets, and cookies can easily derail even the most dedicated of dieters. There will come a time during the day when your energy level is low and you resistance is weak, and those snacks will easily win the battle in your head. The best way to keep on track with that diet is to keep away from those afternoon temptations. Here are 7 creative ways to trick yourself from snacking.

Focus on The Task at Hand

One of the easiest ways to keep your diet on track and avoid eating those snacks is by paying closer attention to how you eat. Recent studies by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that if you are distracted when you are eating, you will eat often 50% more food than if you were paying attention. This is especially true if you are watching television as you eat. That little distraction keeps your mind busy while your hands continue to shovel food in your mouth until you are full. Focus on the food that you are eating, turn off anything that could distract your meal.

Brush Those Teeth

You would never brush your teeth before lunch or dinner because the taste of toothpaste completely kills your appetite. This is a creative way you could help control yourself when the opportunity to indulge in snacks is about to present itself. Bring your toothpaste and toothbrush with you, and if you know you are about to walk past a buffet of sugary snacks, hit the bathroom and brush your teeth. The thought of eating those sweets with a freshly cleaned mouth will completely turn you off from snacks for a while. Long enough to help you resist the urge and get through the day.


Try Not To Supersize

If you have to really eat some type of snack, the best way to control your eating is to go small. Cake parties at work, or even Superbowl parties are full of temptations. A study by Cornell University researchersshowed that if you consumed a smaller sized portion of your favorite snack that you felt just as satisfied had you eaten much more. Satisfy that craving with a mini version of the real thing and you will be able to keep on track with your weight goals.

Playing Hide And Go Seek

One of the most creative ways to trick yourself from eating snacks at home is to hide them where you can’t see them. Walking into a room with a tray of cookies, plate of brownies, and a bowl of candy can be simply too much for many to resist. Take those irresistible snacks and simply hide them. Place the cakes in the refrigerator. Put cookies in cookie jars so you can not easily see them. Wrap the brownies in aluminum foil and place them out of sight. Place more fruit and healthy snacks on your counters. Simply making it harder to get to the snacks can be enough of a deterrent to kill the cravings before they start.

The Social Media Temptation

The average Facebook user is on that website over fifty minutes each day. During that time they look at pictures of friends and family making dinner, eating at restaurants, and enjoying birthday cakes. A study by Yale University showed that when children and adults were subjected to advertisements about food, the risk of them gaining weight was much more likely. When you see a picture of something delicious, switch to another website. When the commercials are nonstop food related ads, change the channel. Exercise your ability to take control of your situation and just avoid being subjected to all those images.

Watching What You Eat

One of the most creative ways to help curb the urge to snack is by keeping a journal. Keeping track of each and every piece of food that passes by your lips can often be a huge deterrent from craving those foods the next time. Loos closely at the total days consumption, and look to see how many healthy items you actually consumed. That means fruits and vegetables that can actually improve your health. Reading your journal entries the following day and seeing, candy, gum, cake, cookies, potato chips, licorice, soda, ice cream, and possible one banana, could often be enough to wake many people up. The world is a hectic place, and trying to remember everything you consumed in a day can be difficult. Seeing it on paper can be the push you need to change your diet.