An obese or weight-watching person’s life is often riddled with trying out tips and tricks for losing weight and getting into shape. Some of those actually work but many don’t. However, most people who want to lose weight believe in the fact that “not everything works for everyone.” Some fitness commandments have been laid down by self-proclaimed experts and fitness gurus don’t work at all. Why? Because they are impractical, not backed by science, and lack any proof whatsoever. Also, people have tried them and have failed to get any results. The following are some fitness tips that are actually myths and you would do well to avoid them –

Drinking a Lot of Water Equals Losing Weight

There were big myths and there were small myths, and then there was this fail of a fitness tip that puts Sherlock Holmes’ ‘The Reichenbach Falls’ deception to shame. As per numerous chain mails and ill-informed fitness articles, drinking about 8 glasses of water is necessary every day for you to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if you are not thirsty or can’t manage to chug it down but you must because otherwise, you won’t be fit. Scientific American reports that the idea came from a 1945 study that was misunderstood. This study meant to inform people that 8 glasses of water should be consumed in total (water is also a part of almost every food you eat) and not additionally.

Running on Treadmill is Less Stressful For Your Knees

Todd Schliftein, who is a clinical instructor at NYU Medical Centre, reveals that the stress on your knees would be the same, whether you run on asphalt or the treadmill. Instead of relying on such a myth, you should vary your workout routine for actual results, as per Todd. Always listen to the real experts!


Replace Chocolate Bars With Celery and Carrots

This advice is being offered by everyone who thinks they know everything about fitness because of one assumption – eventually, you would start thinking about celery the same way you do about potato chips, as a treat. However, the real truth is that when you replace your snacks with carrots or celery (which most people despise), you would end up eating more of these snacks later. Instead of going cold turkey on your French fries addiction, learn the wonders of controlled consumption. That would work much better than morosely munching on celery and sneaking out to get a chocolate bar in the middle of the night.

P90X or The Trick to Confuse Your Muscles

Everyone seems to be jumping in on the P90X bandwagon and is getting results. Of course, anyone would get results if they were to dedicate their life to fitness for 90 days. This is not just about P90X but about any fitness plan that you actually set your mind on. However, the phrase about “confusing your muscles” is just another marketing trick to make this program seem more unique. This revelation shouldn’t make P90X any less effective but just because your mother’s tried and tested fitness plan is not “confusing your muscles” doesn’t mean it is a failure.

Running Barefoot Is the Best

Many fitness plan fails have caused unjust wastage of time but this one actually affects you but injuring you physically. The myth believes that shoes are repressing the bio mechanical arch of your feet but what it fails to take into account is that 20% adults do not have those arches but flat feet. This myth is extremely inflexible and doesn’t exclude the flat footed amongst us. It is even propagated that professional runners are just sell-outs of shoe companies. The only available research of this trend isthis article but the barefoot running propagators conveniently ignore the text at the bottom of the article. The result – the injury epidemic of barefoot running.

1302-38 016 1302-38 Miminalist Shoes Rike Mitchell demonstrates her Minimalist Shoes for a news release. February 28, 2013 Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU © BYU PHOTO 2013 All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322

1302-38 016
1302-38 Miminalist Shoes
Rike Mitchell demonstrates her Minimalist Shoes for a news release.
February 28, 2013
Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU
© BYU PHOTO 2013
All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

Get Your BMI Down

This myth has been believed by everyone and people have stopped questioning its authenticity. Enough to say that a simple weight height division does not dictate your fitness or people like Reggie Bush would be obese. Guardian’s article tells it like it is.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

The assumption behind this myth is simplistic and theoretical – skipping breakfast would make you eat more during lunch and you will get fat. Also, the “kick-start your metabolism” thing propagated by this myth has studies disproving it. In fact, not consuming breakfast actually jumpstarted the system of a group of male athletes, in a study. So, eat if you are hungry and don’t if you are not, your weight is the last thing getting affected by your choice. A tip – look for supporting scientific studies when you decide to follow a fitness tip and read them thoroughly for realistic results.