With people watching more TV and media than ever, we are all being exposed to an excessive amount of advertising. This is true of kids as well. With the average American child watching 44.5 hours a week watching TV they are exposed to a lot of ads for fast food, sugary snacks, sweets, and soft drinks. Some kids are exposed to as much as 17 food ads a day if not more!

Knowing this it may seem as no surprise that one out of three American kids are obese or overweight. Childhood obesity has become a hot button issue in both America and the UK and for many parents is the most important health issue facing their children and family. Childhood obesity has overcome major issues like drug and alcohol abuse to become the number one issue for their kids.

Take the appropriate precautions to keep your children safe and healthy! The food industry is spending 1.6 billion dollars on ads promoting high calorie and low nutrition food options to your kids. You must learn about the issue and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your family.