Eating out in restaurants known for offering fast food does not always have to be an exercise in eating things that are fattening or just not healthy. The truth is, there are both good and bad selections on a fast food restaurant menu. The key here is to stick with those food choices that would be good for you.
In some instances, there just might be two very similar selections. One might be a good choice and the other one could be a really bad one. To help you make a healthier eating choice, here is a brief guide to what selections to pick and what selections to avoid when you have a desire for something specific.


Buying a Chicken Tikka 6 Inch Sub is a good idea. Eating a Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt 6 Inch Sub with Ranch Dressing would not be. The Chicken Tikka sandwich at Subway is a whole lot healthier. At 311 calories, it is a pretty light sandwich loaded with spices that are capable of increasing your metabolic rate. The Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, however, will do little more than just weigh you down. There are 560 calories in this sandwich and, while there are some nice vegetables and salad selections, there is also some extremely fatty, low quality bacon. The bacon has no nutritional value and a lot of calories. The same can be said of cheese. What might really shock people is the high calorie and fat content of the ranch dressing. Go with the Tikka instead.



Eat the KFC BBQ Rancher Burger with BBQ Beans, and have a cup of black coffee. Stay away from the Toasted Twister, large fries, and large Pepsi. We are taking a difference between 490 calories and 1,185 calories. Really, coffee (without sugar) comes with virtually zero calories. The large Pepsi alone could have 200. And those calories come from pure processed sugar. The main course, the Ranch Burger and the Twister, could not be dissimilar. The Ranch Burger is not fried and is lean. The Twister is really fat on top of fat. Black beans are low in fat and the massive amount of calories in the fries come from the grease they soak up when cooking. This is to say nothing of the starchy carbs in them.


At McDonald’s, the Double Cheese Burger with a half dozen McNuggets, and a large Diet Coke is a tremendously better option than the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, large Fries, and large Chocolate Milkshake fat and sugar fest. That chocolate milkshake alone has a frightening number of fat and sugar calories. The less than desirable meals runs about 1,450 calories. While the Double Cheese Burger meal is hardly a health conscious one, at least it only comes with 695 calories. Yes, those McNuggets are a good substitute instead of fries.


 Burger King

The Burger King Cheat: Eat two cheeseburgers instead of a Double Whopper with Cheese. Why is this a smart substitute? The numbers tell the tale. Two cheeseburgers come out to 650 calories while the Double Whopper with Cheese is around 975 calories. Some of those condiments on the Double Whopper with Cheese do add up. You might not even end us really feeling full with the Double Whopper with Cheese since you ”only” ate one of them. Eating two cheeseburgers might have the psychological effect of eating more. Either way, there are a lot less calories in the two cheeseburgers.


A Domino’s Texas BBQ Pizza with Potato Wedges is going to be the way better option than a Mighty Meaty Pizza. With both selections, we are talking about medium size and regular crust. We are also talking about a huge difference in calories! The Lone Star State inspired pizza and potato wedges come with about 885 and the Mighty Meaty Pizza is way over 1,700. All that meat comes with a tremendous amount of extremely unhealthy saturated fat. Way more than you want in your daily diet. The Texas BBQ Pizza is lighter and easier on the stomach when looking for a late night snack. Can you really eat healthy when dining at a fast food restaurant? If you order the healthier meals, the answer is yes. When a healthy selection is not on the menu, you do have another option. You can order the meal with the least calories. This way, you do not end up packing on extra pounds due to all those unwanted, fat and sugar based calories.