Whenever you start any kind of program to help build up your muscles, one of the key areas the people tend to focus on the most is their biceps. That’s because these are muscles that tend to be noticed more by others, which means that if they’re developed nicely, everyone will know that you’re always on top of your game in terms of your workout.

It’s always important to keep in mind that what makes up a very large component of the arm itself is the triceps muscle. This means that it’s never a good idea to ignore working out that portion of the arm because it will always give you a good balance in terms of getting great results.

If it’s maximum size that you’re looking for, one big priority to consider is heavy lifting. When you regularly include this with your normal workout regimen, you will definitely be on the right track for developing the best arms possible.

Here are five of the best exercises that are designed to focus on your biceps, which you can add after all of your normal exercises!

Barbell Curl

This exercise will enable you to overload your biceps with a heavy weight, and it’s a great one to take on if you’re looking for maximum strength development. Whilst doing this exercise, it’s important to focus on the fact that you’re not actually cutting short your overall movement pattern, nor are you enabling any momentum to make you lean backward as you lift the weight itself. As long as you perform the exercise in a manner that is more controlled and slow in nature, you will greatly reduce the chances of something like this happening. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to place a much higher intensity within the fibers of your muscles.


Incline Dumbbell Curl

This is another great exercise to consider adding and is also considered to be one of the best to help prevent the aforementioned momentum issue from occurring. This is because this particular exercise works to restrict the movement of your back. Whilst doing this exercise, you will begin to feel your biceps muscle belly obtain a maximum amount of tension, meaning you shouldn’t be at all surprised if the weight ends up feeling lower than normal. Provided you continue to push yourself as hard as you can, using a lower weight will still give you great results.

Standing Biceps Cable Curl

This exercise is best for those who are looking to target deep-muscle tissue fibers. You will be able to call each of the stabilization muscles that surround your biceps whilst doing this exercise because of the fact that the overall pattern of movement is much less stable thanks to the tension provided by the cable. There is also an assortment of different attachments that you can use to perform the exercise, including straight bars and ropes, which can enable you to work one single arm at a time.

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

Once regular straight rows have been included with your regular workout regimen, it may be a good idea to also consider introducing reverse-grip rows. This is because these will place a little greater stress on your biceps muscles than straight rows would do, thereby making it a better exercise for specifically targeting that area.

Concentration Curl

This is the last of the exercises that you should consider for your biceps, which can also be done whilst sitting down. This is because it will limit the overall degree of momentum in terms of execution, thereby placing all emphasis on the biceps themselves. These are best done at the very end of any workout.