Ideally, breakfast should be had the moment one wakes up. But, not everyone has flexible mornings and cannot find the time to sit down at the table immediately after waking up.

Benefits of Breakfast and Why Skipping Meals is Not A Great Idea

Even if you are unable to have breakfast immediately after getting up, it is important that you at least have something. You would be doing your body a huge favour. If you eat breakfast daily, you wouldn’t feel hungry at odd times later in the day. Also, you would have more energy throughout the day. Brierley Wright, a nutritionist, says in an article in that people who consume breakfast on a regular basis have lower levels of cholesterol and successfully get more essential nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium and fibre. For men, however, skipping breakfast could have far deadly consequences. According to a study mentioned in a CBSNews article, the chances of heart attack are increased considerably in men who skip their breakfast. Circulation, a journal of American Heart Association, studied 26,902 males in the age group of 45 to 82 years, over a period of 16 years. According to the findings, 27% men skipping breakfast increased their chances of heart attack and heart conditions. In fact, 1,600 men had a heart attack in the course of the study. As per a TIME article, the reason why heart attack becomes a possibility due to skipping breakfast is simple. Because of lack of any breakfast, the other meals are considerably bigger which directly leads to an increase in the level of blood sugar. This spike can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol problems. The US Department of Agriculture mentions that for kids, eating a healthy breakfast results in better test scores, improved attention span, better problem solving, and an overall better behaviour.


Timing of the Breakfast

When you skip your breakfast, you feel oddly irritable the entire day. Eating breakfast early in the morning, as soon as you wake up, has a kick-start impact on your metabolism and thus, you feel immediately energetic after consuming it. All through the day, you feel that energy in your system that allows you to breeze through your hectic lifestyle. If you eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up, the low blood sugar levels in your body (because of lack of food for a considerable time) would not be allowed to reach a critical level. Florida International University reiterates the importance of breakfast by mentioning how, if you are skipping breakfast, your lunch is becoming your first meal of the day and this means you would tend to overeat during that.

What To Eat Early in the Morning

It is often the case with most people that they don’t feel hungry so early in the morning. If you are one of those people, then don’t eat and make yourself uncomfortable. Wait for a few hours and then consume your first important meal. Just don’t skip it. Holley Johnson Granger, a dietician, recommends in an article in that foods offering lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats should be chosen. You can go for an English muffin (whole wheat), string cheese, nut butter or crackers (whole grain). Eating something with whole grain and decent amounts of protein plus fat ensures that you set a good precedent for your blood sugar pattern for the day. Thus, the levels of blood sugar in your body would rise slowly and would also go down at the same pace. If you choose to eat pastry or something overly sweet (like a cinnamon roll) then you would get a spike in your insulin, face a sudden dropping in sugar levels later, and feel ravenous again. People who overeat and binge on junk food do this because of this reason – unbalanced breakfast and fluctuating sugar levels.

Exercising and Breakfast

If you are in the habit of working out, it is important to give some time to your body for properly digesting the food before you hit the gym. An hour or two before working out is the ideal time. If you want to have breakfast after your workout session, have an energy drink or a small snack. The importance of eating breakfast can never be overstated. There are many health advantages associated with consuming the first meal of the day. However, what most people don’t know is that eating breakfast at the right time has considerable advantages of its own, as mentioned above.