Now this is a handy infographic. The golden rule of of health and dieting is that we should strive to maintain a healthy balance of ingesting calories, and effectively using them with some exercise.

What types of exercise? How much of it? And just how harmful is that pepperoni pizza you rewarded yourself with? This graph gives an idea of how daily calorie intake and use for the average male and female body. On the left, you’ve got the fun food nobody wants to give up. On the right, the activities that are most commonly done to burn that fat-producing glob of food away before it can stick to your midsection.

If you’re reading it correctly, you know that, for instance, to keep the fat at bay 24 and 41 minutes of yoga, for males and females respectively, is needed for the average can of beer!

Be careful though! This is based on the average 80 kilo man or 60 kilo woman. And as the Americans have shown before it’s best to treat these things as a look of the ratio of work to consumption involved, rather than a strict estimation to be followed at all cost.