Do you have problems after eating dinner? If you are fitness fan, you may have heard that eating late meals causes your waistline to expand. However, research has shown that this advice is not entirely accurate. That’s because this research has shown that eating dinner can benefit your body, for example increasing muscle mass. In this guide, we look at 4 nutrition dinner mistakes you should avoid.

They Are:


  • You should eat between 25-30 grams of protein, for example, dairy products and casein powder. That’s every few hours. That’s because if you skip eating these essential proteins, it only increases the time that your body will spend in a muscle breakdown state.
  • Therefore, even if your dinner is at 6 pm, but you intend to go to bed at 10 pm, you should make sure that you eat additional proteins.
  • In a Journal of Nutrition study, it was found that muscle growth continues after you have eaten a meal rich in proteins. That means that mean you should avoid the common mistake of skipping meals to eat protein just before bedtime.



  • Another common nutrition mistake you should avoid is skipping carbohydrates before bedtime. That’s because most people believe that this leads to weight gain.
  • Studies have shown that having carbohydrates at night has even resulted in weight loss. That’s because getting or losing weight depends on your intake and outtake of calories in a 24 hour period, not just sleep time.
  • These studies also show that if you consume carbohydrates at night, you will enjoy a fulfilling and satisfactory feeling the next day.
  • You should measure the carbohydrates that you take in the evening. That’s through knowing your daily schedule. You should keep in mind that the calories you have in excess or lack are the more important factors to consider. That’s compared to timing their intake.


  • Stimulants make your body interrupt or delay sleep. That’s if you take them just before bedtime. They make your body have difficulties in reaching the deep sleep state. Deep sleep is important as it enables your body to recover and rebuild muscle. That means that stimulants are harmful if you want to achieve muscle gains.
  • You should avoid taking them at least six hours before you go to sleep. These stimulants include energy drinks, coffee, tea that’s caffeinated and having workouts. That enables your body to metabolise those that you have already taken.
  • You should consider Teacrine, a complement to caffeine, to increase the benefits of caffeine. It enables you to enjoy this stimulant without having its side effects, such as the short 1-2 hour rush effects of caffeine.


  • Alcohol is another substance you should avoid before sleep. That’s because it causes you to skip the different sleep stages that are good for your body.

It increases the time spent in sleeping in the first stage, the lightest stage while shortening the time you spend in the deep sleep stage. Deep sleep stage is where your body gets to repair itself and recover.

  • It also reduces the release time of the muscle building hormone, the Growth Hormone HGH. This hormone release peaks during the first 90 minutes of your sleep, continuing for the next 3 1/2 hours.

Alcohol intake before sleep reduces the ability of your body to release these hormones, affecting your muscle growth.

  • You should consider having a balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a regular sleep routine. Supplements such as melatonin and magnesium can also make you have a quality sleep. That’s compared to taking alcohol.

The above guide on common nutrition mistakes to avoid should make it easier for you to build more muscle. The key points to remember are taking a balanced diet and avoiding stimulants and alcohol just before bedtime. You should also have a regular sleep routine.