Making good choices for ourselves is often difficult especially when those choices include nutrition and fitness. We tend to ask ourselves questions like how can I eat better to maintain a better weight? Or how can I exercise to make myself a fit person? Our life seems too busy to be worrying about exercise when we have to worry if we changed the diapers, picked up the kids from extracurricular activities? Do we have mismatched shoes on? it seems as though it is difficult to get through the day doing normal stuff without making the important things like nutrition and fitness a priority. So how can we do it?
We take it one step at a time. That is the most important thing about making sure fitness and nutrition are first in our life. To begin, it is important to take baby steps. Don’t jump in ready to go and change everything in one day. Begin slowly and build up to where you want fitness and nutrition to be in your priority chain.

Begin Slowly With a Routine

Routine is very important in everyone’s lives. Make sure that you create one that works for you. Have a schedule made up and posted on your fridge as a reminder of what you need to be doing regarding fitness or nutrition each day. Begin with committing to one day a week and work your way up to each day during the week. This will help you to be able to make a better commitment and be able to follow through with a new routine. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to do first in a routine. Here are a few examples.

Have an Accountability Partner

Having a friend or a relative that can help hold you accountable while you are trying to organize a better routine for our life are a very important aspect. Make sure it is someone that you can count on to be there whenever you need them. It should be someone who is willing to go exercise with you and help you steer away from the junkier foods and towards the healthier foods.Here are a few more ideas of what a fitness partner can do.


Eat More Colour

When eating foods, it is always good to eat foods that are rich in color. Foods that are vibrant in color make eating them much more fun and enjoyable. When choosing the right fruits and vegetables to eat, always choose ones that are bright and colorful. These have more vitamins and nutrients. Sometimes they also are sweeter than the others. If you fill your fridge with foods that are more colorful and appealing to the eye, chances are you will eat them more quickly.For an idea of what to follow for colorful foods you can find a chart here.

Food Choices

Make sure to choose foods that are good for you. I know you are saying “But foods that are good for me don’t taste good.” That is not always true. There are many foods that are very good for your and taste really good too! When many people decide to eat better and exercise more, they tend to go overboard on eating healthier foods. They buy things that don’t taste good but are better for them. However it is okay to buy foods that are normally eaten by everyone and still lose weight. The most important part about eating sensibly is portion control. It is not a good idea to be going out and eating fried chicken, donuts, and other sweets though. While you can eat those in small portions, it is important to eat a healthier choice such as grilled chicken and a muffin. Things to remember when eating healthier: • Eat on a dessert plate to control your portion sizes • Cut off the fat from your meat while cooking it. It makes your meat a leaner cut and a healthier choice. • Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. These are more appealing to the eye and will convince you to eat more. • Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. It will help keep you hydrated and healthier in the long run. For more information on how to make healthier choices in your eating, check this out.

Make Exercise an Adventure

Who says that you have to run, walk, or work out on exercise machines in order to lose weight? Make moving fun. Join a class and bring a friend. Having a friend exercising with you makes it much more fun. You don’t have to join a class either. Take your exercise outdoors. Spending time outdoors not only helps with your exercise, you also soak in vitamin D and other vitamins that the sun has to offer. One important item to have in your home is a kettlebell. The kettlebell provides a wonderful workout that works your entire body. If you are a beginner, start with one that isn’t too heavy. A good size to start with is a 5lb. kettle bell. Some even come with a workout dvd.These are fairly inexpensive and can be found at any retailer. If you would rather just order one, you can get it from Amazon. If you follow these steps, you will become a more dependent person on fitness and nutrition. Not only will it become a normal part of your life but it will be a priority each and every day.