The phrase “it hurts so good” has no truer meaning than with the major sweetener sugar. It is one of the most addictive products in our diet and ironically we have become expert in formulating different versions of sugar.

What is also ironic is this is one of the most health hazardous products that man has cultivated. Sugar has killed more people globally through sugar related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity than wars and drugs combined.

Trying to lose weight; cut our sugar. Trying to maintain good dental hygiene; cut our sugar. Trying to modulate your mood swings; cut out sugar. This seems so simple yet our annual consumption indicates that none of these health and mental issues are addressed effectively.

Sugar is super addictive.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has stated that sugar is more addictive than fat. It has an euphoric effect that trigger’s one’s pleasure mode in one’s brain. It is more of a boost than caffeine and has more a mood altering effect. Out bodies need it and can produce it naturally from fat. When we eat a sugar laden meal or even a sugary drink, our body gets fired up and we have a energy boost. Our brain is actually becoming addicted to it and it likes the mood altering effects.


Sugar is Earth’s natural super drug.

Nicole Avena, PhD, is a neuroscientist associated with the New York Obesity Research Center within Columbia University. She recently conducted a series of studies on the addictive effect of sugar and wrote the book “Why Diets Fail (Because You’re Addicted to Sugar)” She found in her studies that sugar has the same addictive effect and the same withdrawal effect as morphine and opioids. People simply get hooked. More sugar in one’s diet begets more sugar. You see this in everyday life when someone tries to eat “just one” chocolate out of a box of chocolates.

Sugar is super bad for fat gain.

Fructose is the sweet molecule in sugar. Excessive fructose in your diet means that your liver can not process it all and then your liver starts to produce fat instead and now you are dealing with fatty liver disease. This is the primer for many health ailments which kill more people than all of the wars and drugs involved. Sugar actually turns your body against you and the sidious fact about it is your brain tells you that you are enjoying the process while you are slowly killing your body. You can not rationally accept that gaining weight is healthy unless your brain were able to turn off or suppress that rational part of your brain that works to preserve your body. Sugar is so dangerous that the more fat your body produces and the more weight you gain, the sugar tells your brain you are actually having a good time doing it.

It accelerates the ageing process.

Any form of fructose, combined with a fatty liver, increases at a rapid rate cell damage to your body. This is reflective external as well as internal including our skin and stamina. We actually begin to age prematurely. If someone said that they had a potion that would age you faster if you consumed it on a daily basis; you would reject it. But this is exactly what sugar does.

Sugar is engrained in all of our eating and dieting habits.

The American Heart Association has recommended that people do not consume more than six teaspoons of sugar per day. The majority of people exceed this limit well past the established limits by the time they have had breakfast or their first few cups of coffee. Sugar and sugar by products such as fructose corn syrup can be in every part of our daily diet if we are not careful.

Sugar is not always marked as sugar.

Study what is actually a sugar additive in your staple foods may not be marked as sugar but may be just as deadly. This is when a smart consumer should study what are proper sugar replacements. Just because it is not sweet does not mean that it does not have sugar in it. Eating a slice of bread can have the same amount of sugar as eating a doughnut. Sugar and Your Fitness Check with your doctor regarding any major dieting plans.