When you’re trying to get to that next level in your workout, many people hit an all-to-common plateau with their triceps that they struggle to break free from. Whether you’re a novice that’s just started out or a more seasoned veteran of the gym, this can often be the case. And for many people, it’s caused by one big problem: their form. But today, we’re going to drill down on form to discover just how you can address these issues and get back to building rock-hard, impressive triceps. With these tips, you’ll be able to build them quickly and more comfortably.

Skip Partial Reps and Go for a Full Range of Motion

If you only fill your car’s gas tank half way, do you really expect it to get you all the way on a long trip? Of course not. And building your triceps is no different. When you’re training, if your reps focus on weight that is beyond what’s best for your stage of development, you’ll discover a disappointing issue. Each time you perform a rep, that all-to-heavy weight is causing you not to extend through the full range of the exercise. As you miss the further ends of the movement, you also miss building the muscle in those areas. This results in a bulky mid-section, but without much actual strength. This further compounds the issue, creating our plateau. Instead, after you’re done warming up and you’re ready to go, be conscious of your full range of motion. And if necessary, notch down the amount of weight you’re doing, no matter which triceps exercise you’re using.


Add Different Angles to Your Mix

If you’ve been to a communal gym a few times, you’ve probably seen the different bench press angles that trainers use. As they go from incline, flat, and decline, they’re rounding those pecs out in terms of their muscle-building. At this point, it’s almost become a staple of the gym for everyone to do benching this way. Why don’t we do the same for our other muscles? For working out the triceps, going at them with different angles helps to target all the areas of the muscle, instead of just one. For example, when you’re doing the popular press-down, you’re hitting the lateral aspect of your muscle. But what about the other sides? Instead, mix in an over-the-head exercise aimed at the triceps. By doing so, you keep the fibers attached to your upper arm growing and strengthening. If you’re looking for a particularly good exercise, check out skullcrushers.

Encourage Movements that Involve Multiple Joints

In the gym today, it’s becoming more and more popular to perform multi-joint exercises that do their work throughout the body. It’s true that multi-joint exercises aren’t the entire picture and shouldn’t be your only form of workout, so we can forget about a bit of the controversy surround that advice. You can still perform single-joint training where appropriate, but with this added change. But when you add in multi-joint movements, you’re able to carry far more weight than otherwise. This in turn puts your body into overdrive, releasing more muscle-building hormones. And with that, you get bigger, more rock-hard triceps.

And when it comes to working out, when you use these 3 methods, you’ll be able to break through that plateau to really build those muscles.