Have you tried gaining weight for a long time without enjoy any significant results? Many people live on fast foods with the hope of adding weight. However, your Ferrari style metabolism will simply burn off everything you take.

In a world obsessed with shedding weight, some people want to gain weight.

If you’re skinny (read underweight), you must play by a different set of rules if you’re to gain weight. Purpose to think outside the box. Contrary to what the naysayers tell you, you boast the potential to amass an impressive physique.

Here is exactly what you need to do …

Effective Steps to Help You Grow Like a Skyscraper

Step #1: Your Life Must Be Around Food

How well do you execute the eating golden rule that you eat after every 2-3 hours? You must do everything you can do ensure this happens. For instance, you can set your clock’s countdown timer to go off after every 2.5 hours. This will help you reinforce the eating habit literally.

Additionally, make you eat your maiden meal within fifteen to thirty minutes of waking up. Your day’s first meal must always comprise of REAL food. This way, your body benefits from quality nutrients.

Step #2: Double your food intake

Another effective way of gaining weight is by doubling your food intake. You should double anything you’re currently eating. For instance, if you consume a single chicken breast per meal, then you need to start cooking two. Chances are high that you’re just a few meals short of achieving your weight gain target because of not taking as much as you should


Step #3: Avoid Training Hungry

Hitting the gym on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Experts highly recommend that you eat not less than 3 solid meals before training. Alternatively, you can eat the BIGGEST meal in your entire day immediately after hitting the early morning workout

Step #4: Utilize the Big Eating Equipment

Eating like Hulk is the only way to bulk. Are you aiming to get huge and big? If yes, then you’ll need large food amounts on large eating equipment. Therefore, get a BIG eating equipment. This can be a LARGE plate, LARGE bowl, or a LARGE cup. Simply put, surround yourself with everything LARGE. Bigger servings on bigger plates look small thus; you’ll always find yourself finishing your meals.

Step #5: Drink a Protein or Carb Drink While Working Out

All you need to do is mix up carbohydrate to protein in the ration of 2:1 with a litre of water. This will go miles in instantly giving you some additional hundred calories every day. Additionally, you must purpose to take an additional workout drink prior to your workout as well as an extra one after your workout. The caveat to this is that you only use this strategy if your weight training is intense.

Step #6: Always live by the Motto, ‘Never Stop Eating.’

‘Never stop eating’ is part of trying to push your body to its threshold. Are you worried that you’ll throw up if you eat all day? The good thing is that with time, your body gets used to it. As you gain more muscle, your body will definitely require more food

Step #7: Always Consume Nutrient Dense Foods

Your focus should be on strictly calorie-rich foods loaded with nutrients. Refrain from foods that lack calories. Instead, you should consume high caloric meals that are loaded with slow releasing fibre, minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.


Learning how to add weight within a short period of time is simple. However, the execution part is what’s challenging. It really boils down to how dedicated you in defeating your skinny genetics. You must be committed to gaining the desired muscular body you’ve always been yearning for.

By applying the seven steps above, you stand to gain not less than 10 pounds in the coming four weeks. If you purpose to gain muscle weight, and overcome the underweight tag, then you’ll find no difficulty in rising to the occasion and taking action.