When you look at the labelling of your favourite foods, you will notice the calories, sugar, amount of carbohydrates and protein, plus just about any other kind of vitamin and nutrient found inside of the food. However, what is not told to you is exactly how these food items are going to affect your body. Different compounds and chemicals found inside of the food is going to play different roles in your mood and how you react throughout the day. Due to this, many individuals do not realize there can be some rather bad side effects to food and what it is going to do to you. That is exactly why you need to know the more common side effects. Here are five of them.

Margarine Turns You Into A Giant Jerk

Margarine is used as a common substitute for butter. This product is often used by individuals who are lactose intolerant and are looking for a replacement for the food product. However, there is one thing that they might not know about the replacement: over consuming margarine can turn you into a giant jerk and increase your aggression. Have you ever noticed that some vegetarians can become quickly enraged, should you start to pick on them about their food habits? If so, they probably just consumed food with a good amount of margarine in it.

Margarine has dTFA inside of it, which increases your natural aggression. Consuming too much of this product is going to come out in your behaviour. This is because the dTFA blocks your body’s ability to create and use omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for your brain to function properly. Because of this, always watch out for the margarine you consume.


Hot Drinks Cool Your Body

Whether you are tailgating or just waiting for the bus, there is something like a hot cup of coffee of chocolate that warms your insides. On the flip side, when working outside in the hot sun, you generally turn to a cool, refreshing glass of water, lemonade, or something with a bit more kick in it. The problem with this, however, is that cold drinks don’t actually cool you down. That is why hot drinks are so popular in places such as the Middle East, India and southeast Asia.

When you drink something cold, your brain acknowledges that it is cold, and to compensate for it, your body warms up internally in order to warm you up. However, when you drink something warm, your body automatically starts to cool itself down by sweating. This is your body’s natural way of cooling you off.

Meat Calms You Down

Have you ever been in a foul mood while shopping in the super market, only to look at the meat selection and start to feel yourself calm down a bit. The sight of meat allows individuals to concentrate and to centre themselves on the food and a given task, instead of focusing on all sorts of other issues. While, after testing, this has become more apparent in men than women, it is a natural element to human survival. This has been around since man hunted in the wild and lived in caves. They needed the meat to survive, so focusing specifically and solely on the animal and meat became essential.

Eat Less with Coloured Crisps

Remember when you first learned that there are actually blue corn crisps? That completely blew your mind that something traditionally gold and yellow could come in blue. While some people purchase these chips as a novelty, there is actually something far more beneficial than just changing up the colour. Coloured chips are actually able to help you control your eating.

Because the coloured chips stand out, it is easier to keep track of how much you are eating. The white, yellowish colour of the chips just makes it look like one giant chip in the bowl, so you are not going to be able to know how much you are eating. That is why the brighter and different the chip (such as red corn chips), the better off you are going to be at reducing your food intake.


Alcohol Improves Subconsciousness

Have you ever had some rather interesting dreams about events and individuals from your past after consuming alcohol? There is a reason behind that. Alcohol releases a chemical known as dopamine, which is a learning hormone. This helps you open yourself up, which can also remove any barriers you might have mentally set up between yourself and past events.